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Fam believes in “respect for parental rights, and family values: and the “removal of obscene and age inappropriate materials.” She also stands for the safety of students and staff, which includes, “the ability to express a differing opinion without judgment, retaliation, ridicule, the threat of being canceled, or negative consequences.”


Most Qualified

  • Conservative
  • Wife and Mother
  • Cancer Survivor
  • BA in Education & Two Teaching Certifications
  • Juris Doctorate & Law Degree
  • Former Asst. State Attorney
  • Free Legal Work For Parents and Students




Family Values and Families First  

Mental Health Initiatives and School Safety

Academic Excellence and Transparency 

Parents must be the "FIRST TO KNOW" regarding any information relevant to their child. Recently, schools have failed to recognize the vital importance that parents play in their child’s development. This breakdown has caused an indisputable mistrust between parents and schools. Parents must be provided in advance with a complete picture and understanding of what is being taught to their children. Most of all, schools must give parents priority to have access to monitor their child’s, physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  My FAM Plan will provide the communication and transparency between parents, students, and teachers which is needed today. Take action and join me to make schools a better place for everyone.

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